Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blow Up

As I am getting more adventurous in my brewing I am discovering new...let's call them "challenges".

In my latest batch, a blonde ale with a hint of lemon, I used more grains than I have in the past. Between the all the grains and malt extract there were more sugars than usual. More sugars means more food for the yeast. So, the fermenting process was a bit more lively than usual. I found my brewing bucket in the morning whistling and beer bubbling out of the air lock. As I was on my way to work I did not have time to really deal with it. All I did was push my lock back in and and make sure the seal was still tight. The plan was to fix it when I got home. No way I could wait that long. I called Robin and had her check on it. What I thought was my temporary fix turned out to be a permanent fix. The water in my air lock had been replaced by beer, but it was bubbling happily away. Life is good, beer is good.

How is this for a name for the afore mentioned brew..."Beach Blond Ale".

Have a good Tuesday.


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