Sunday, May 4, 2008

Six Word Bios

At long last I am finally posting the six word bios submitted by some of the Chrisophiles. I would still love to have more. Maybe ready these will give the rest of you a jump start. Thank you to those who took the time to write these up. I love them and I think the rest of you will as well.

Allison Robinson (My Mom, do not judge her counting ability)

wife, mother, teacher, grandmother, tour leader, loner

John Murray (My Cousins Hubby)

father, husband, coach, loves all sports
energetic, hardworking, enthusiastic, proud, easy going
outdoorsman, winter lover, passionate beer connoisseur

Jeremy Tuke (My Cousin)

Father of Teenagers getting gray
Locomotive driving tie pounding train freak
River lovin' golf cart driving daddy

Karen Fyke (My Mother-In-Law)

Delighted wife, exhilarated grandmother, laughing friend

Kris Murray (My Cousin)

mother, wife, animal lover, horse trainer
sensative, emotional, outspoken even to a fault
proud, happy, blessed by the Lord

Robin Robinson (My Wife)

skinny smart yarnie with a neckache
not yet rich, but already eccentric
spends too much time inside head

Chris Robinson (Me)

Hubby Superdad Brew Meister Meister Brewer
Laid-back goofy getting fit magnetic
Easily angered by repetitively stupid people


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Anonymous said...

If we're allowed to vote, I vote for Robin's middle bio. MIL