Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Big Yard Sale Was A "Steal"!

Believe it or not we were victims of shoplifters at our yard sale yesterday. I would like to think that they spent hours in a dark smoky room with a map of Eureka with thumb tacks marking the sale locations on the wall planning the heist. "O.k. here is the plan, while I am acting like I cannot get something big into the car you two grab some little things. Carry them around a bit and then come to the car to help. Just casually toss the things in while you are there. The rubes will never suspect a thing." Upon agreeing the plan was good, they synchronized their watches an head out. Here is how the deal went "job" went down.

A family was interested in purchasing my old grill, but wanted to make sure that it would be able fit in their vehicle. During the "confusion" of trying to load it into the vehicle they picked up some little items and carried them down to the car and causally put them in. Both Karen, my Mother-in-law who was manning the money, and I saw what they were doing. They grabbed an old caller i.d. machine, a herb planter and nice serving bowl. We decided to call then out on the bowl and let the other items go.

They were laughing quietly among themselves. Must have been thinking they really pulled one over on us. I figured that if they needed items that were priced at under a dollar each that they felt the need to pilfer them, well...have at it. To me all a garage sale is is having people pay you to haul away items you do not want. Whatever was left was going to be donated at my expense. Besides, the thievery gave me good blog cannot put a price on that.

Besides that the day was a great success. We got rid of some big items that were just taking up room, and made a little cash. Karen helped me with the sale since Robin was at the church doing a wedding. In twelve some years it was the most we have ever talked. Not that we avoid talking to each other by any means, but we just have never sat and talked that much before. It was nice. Made the day much more enjoyable.

In preparation for my upcoming 5k I ran that distance consecutively today as part of my 5 mile walk/run. It was good to know that I can run that distance without stopping. I am no where near a competitive pace, but I know I will be able to run the whole thing!

Enjoy your day!


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Anonymous said...

Garage sale shoplifting is hilarious! My mom held one last week, and a guy asked if she'd take less money for a $10 item. She said she would take $8. He countered with $7.50. My mom, not wanting to haggle, politely declined the offer. He would not budge and pay the $8. Wow. No sale on a $0.50 difference. People are quite fickle. Worked out for my mom, though. The item sold for full price within 15 minutes.

BTW, Ironman rocked!!