Tuesday, May 13, 2008

What The Hail!

I have been bound and determined to grill some burgers since Sunday, but situations have conspired against me. Sunday, the ground beef was still frozen. Monday, the evening got away from us and it would have been too late once the grill heated up. Tonight the weather was not looking too good. Heavy rain and thunderstorms in the forecast. However, my desire for burgers outweighed my desire not to get rained on. Robin and I checked the weather and the radar and decided we had a small window of time.

So, I fired up the grill and hit the shower while it heated up. The skies were overcast with patches of blue when I started. By the time I got out, it was black as night. But, no rain yet. Nora and I took out the burgers and put them on the grill. All was looking well and I was optimistic that I may stay dry. Unfortunately that was not to be the case. Seconds later the skies opened up, and the rain came pouring down. To make matters worse I heard a clanging sound. I looked out the window and marble sized hail had joined the party.

Now I have grilled in the rain, the wind and snow, but never in hail. Thank goodness for golf umbrellas! Call me crazy, but I think the burgers tasted even better due to the peril I face while preparing them.

My running is still going well. I have bumped up the distance I am running without walking breaks. Today I felt great. I could have gone longer between breaks, but I am still taking it slowly. I am really looking forward to the 5k in a few weeks.


P.S. It's Back...The Word of the Day!

Over the years we have featured weeks of words about words, we have had
words about birds, and now it's time for, well, words about beards, a topic that is near and dear to my face!

This week we'll see words having to do with facial hair. They are pure
beard words as the week starts out, and like beards growing slender at the
bottom, as the week ends the connection becomes slender too.

sideburns (SYDE-burnz) plural noun

Hair grown on the sides of a man's face, when worn with an unbearded chin.

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