Thursday, May 8, 2008


My keys were only lost for a day! Yahoo! Unfortunately the night supervisor locked them in my office, and did not leave any of the interior doors open I had asked him. Even though I was able to get into the building could not get to the forklifts or into the office area were the spare keys are. We tried everything to get into my office, even tried to take the door off its hinges. No luck. I had to wait until one of the office personnel came in and open the doors. A bit irritating, but the day did go on.

Nora had a great time on her field trip. She was still buzzing when I got home. I was not able to get too many details because we had a very busy night last evening. I got home late from work, Robin had choir practice and then we had cooks night out at the church. It was a go go go kind of an evening. I plan on getting more details tonight.

Have a good Thursday.


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