Friday, February 15, 2008


If all goes well this shall be forever known as the weekend of beer. My plan is to brew my Irish stout on Saturday and bottle my Red ale on Sunday. It is kind of a big deal for me as I have never had two batches going so close together. I am still a bit of an amateur. Additionally I have two wild cards named Nora and Nigel that usually add a bit of excitement to the process. Keep your fingers crossed. Something has just occurred to me. For a guy who brews his own beer, I am shockingly low on said product. Once bottled, my brew will not be ready for two or three more weeks. Oh the torture. It is true what they say, you always want what you cannot have.

The voting is under way for my readers name. If you have not made a choice, do not worry, you have plenty of time. The voting is not nearly as heavy as the great beard debate. You all were more concerned about the future of my face than your own names. I am touched.

Have a great weekend.


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