Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I'm Back!

First things first...

Nora is 6 today!!!!
The big bash is on Saturday. Tonight was just a quiet night with the four of us. Nora was very happy with the gifts from us and Grandma Karen and Branta (Robin's parents). We got her clothes and an Our Generation doll. Grandma Karen and Branta got her an art set. Currently she is busy creating masterpieces.

Speaking of masterpieces, check this out...

The real life image

Nora's rendition

Pretty darn cool if you ask me.

Last week we got a good amount of snow. Nora and Nigel were very excited, and Nora even had a snow day. All this generated the need to build a snowman. We had several aborted attempts thoughout the week and finally succeeded on Saturday.

A big thank you goes out to my No Worries faithful for being so patient during my time off. I was starting to complain a bit too much for my liking about work and and the work ethic of "kids today". This is the No Worries blog. Complaints are too close to being worries, so therefore, no more complaints in the No Worries blog.


Mama-in-law said...

That Nora is amazing! And you don't have to worry about your complaints being worries and not appropriate to your blog. We like hearing about your complaints, too, especially when we agree with them!

Grandma R said...

Hey Nora (family of Nora, also!)

You;re drawing of Nigel in the chair was just perfect! I was very impressed to see such a great drawing. Both Grandpa and I are looking forward to seeing you on Saturday for your 6th birthday party.

Love Grandma R