Friday, February 8, 2008

The Best Part Of Waking Up....

...Is Folgers in your cup. However, due to the morning I had, I was not able to enjoy that little morning ritual. On my the out of the house to my truck, my thermal mug filled to the brim with hot, delicious java, jumped out of my hand. It then crashed to the floor of our breezway, spilling its contents all over. No Worries, I padded time into my departure (see yesterdays entry for driving adventures), and had plenty of time to stop off for a cup o' joe.

I set off for work eagerly anticipating the giant cup of coffee I was going to purchase. I pulled into the local FastStop, a gourmet coffee heaven, and rushed to the coffee counter. Since I was understandably traumatized from the earlier spill I decided to treat myself with a flavored coffee. That's right, I poured not one, but two little green tubs of Irish Cream creamer into my 20 oz insulated paper cup. Pleasantries and monies were exchanged with the cashier, and I was on my way. The day was saved, or so I thought.

While carrying my cup in my right hand I pushed the door open with my left. Without warning the door snapped back, struck my right elbow, and sent my newly purchased coffee plummeting to the sidewalk. At this point I figured I might as well cash it in and go home. Nothing good could come of this day. Then fate smiled on me. The cashier witnessed the tragedy that had befallen me, and invited me back in for a cup on him. I thanked him profusely and relayed my previous misadventure to him. He was shocked that I was holding up as well as I was. In order to avoid further mishaps, he opened and held the door for me on the way out.

Man I love coffee.

I would like to say the remainder of the day went without incident, but that would be a non-truth-a-tude. I will not bore you with the details as it has to do with chicken, cheese, fuel hoses and annoying customer service reps. I will tell you that the day has a happy ending. Bonus overtime, two cute kids and a lovely wife at home, plus a variety pack.

"Beer is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy", Ben Franklin.

Thanks to all my readers who have left me some comments. It is great to get the feed back.
Andrew, I am glad you get as much humor out of "crazy poop" as I do.
Dad and Karen, thanks for thinking I am nice and being proud of me.
As for dare you crack on my beloved Samuel Adams in favor of Miller Lite. Why drink water when you can have flavor. I will forgive you however, as you are open to trying my homebrew.

That's all for tonight. A tall, frosty Honey Porter is calling my name.


Superman owns a pair of Chuck Norris pajamas.

P.S. Keep those comments coming


MomR said...

I can't believe my normally graceful son had so much trouble carrying coffee this morning. I am glad I wasn't within the range of strewn coffee! Hope your Saturday morning goes much better - don't want you to have to be cleaning up spilled coffee when you are setting up for Nora's birthday!!

Love, Mom

KarenDelane said...

Now there's a new word for the OED: non-truth-a-tude. I love it! MIL