Friday, February 8, 2008

Great Googly Moogly

That is all I have to say about yoga tonight. They had me stretched, pulled and contorted in all kinds of positions. I am in a beginners class as I am not very flexible, but I am the most physically fit in the class so the instructor pushes me a bit more. Ouch!

I had an uneventful drive home from work tonight. Two out of four isn't bad, right? Monday we had thick fog that allowed 20 ft of visibility. There was a T-bone accident at an intersection that flipped a SUV on its side. The road ended up closed for a period of time. Fortunately I had already got past that point. Wednesday brought another snow storm and icy roads. A pick-up spun out in front of me and was hit by the car following behind it. I made it around that one as well. I am looking forward to a calm drive home on Friday.

After yoga I went up to the local liquor store and was starred down by a Sam Adams variety pack. I have no ability to pass by a variety pack. Plus, Sam Adams bottles are great for my home brew. So it's really more of an investment purchase, right? Well an Irish Red is calling my name...gotta continue the relaxing portion of my yoga!



Robin said...

Mmmmm, variety pack....

D-Rob said...

I went to my yoga class and. . . . . . I twisted, jumped around, stretched contorted myself beyond all limits of reason and by the time Igot my tights on the class was finished.


Anonymous said...

I heard tell Samuel Adams was a product of horses with severe kidney problems. I've never heard of the variety pack, maybe it's dogs, sheep, goats, or boiled owl pee. I'll stick with Miller Lite for that smooth, refreshing taste. However, I wouldn't be averse to trying a bottle of your homebrew sometime.