Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It came back with a vengeance. I am unlike most people in this part of the country as I was very happy to see it return. However, I could have done without the two day melt we had in between. It has created a big mess, not to mention the demise of our snowman. Oh the humanity!

In other snow related news, I heard one of those statements that conjures up memories of that horse and a year in college. A girl in the office was checking out the weather report, and commented on the flood warning we were under. The statement..."How are we under a flood warning? It's snowing, not raining!" I politely reminded her that snow was rain in a solid state, and will still raise the river level.

Speaking of being polite, it turns out fatherhood has made me into a gentler, kinder version of me. I was always quick with a biting sarcastic comment. Now, I actually avoid them and try to find something nice to say. When people gather around the water cooler to make fun of and/or bring others down, I walk away. I must admit that this new behavior has shocked me at times, but I like it. I am a great guy! Just ask me. Hey, I never said I was not still conceited, no...confident.

I am now giving you, the readers of No Worries, a homework assignment. Once you complete this reading, scroll to the bottom of this blog, click on the comments link, enter some nice words about me (or my family), choose your identity, (blogger/google if you have one, or anonymous), and then hit publish your comment. It is that easy.

Word of the day...

soporose (SOP-uh-ros) adjective
Sleepy; in an unusually deep sleep.

Time to sign off...anyone to join me in a martini?
I have garlic stuffed olives that have marinated in chardonnay.



KarenDelane said...

Good luck getting comments! The only person who ever comments on my blog is Robin, and I treasure her comments.

You ARE a very nice person. If only it were catching! Some people (like your employees) need to "get a life!" MIL

drob said...

That's OUR boy!!

Anonymous said...

That's OUR boy!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris!
It's Andrew from RL 130. Natalie got me on your email list and I'm a loyal reader of your humble blog.

My personal fav was the snowman pic from the other day. Either that, or the 'crazy poop' line. I still giggle when I think of it.

All the best to you and your family!!

P.S., I'd love a martini.