Saturday, February 16, 2008

Satur...oops, I Mean Beerday

So far Beerday has been a great success. Today I brewed my Irish Stout. It smelled fantastic. Waiting the next month or so to drink it is going to be tough. Fortunately I have my buddy Sam Adams to help get me through. In fact, he chipped in today as I was brewing with a Black Lager. What a guy! Tomorrow will be the climax of my beer-a-thon weekend with the bottling of my Red Ale.

I have some relatively disturbing news to follow. If you have not yet eaten, I suggest you read no further. Yesterday at work, I cleaned the employee refrigerator. I almost feel like I should not recount the story as mere words cannot do the carnage I witnessed justice. Man I wish I had had my digital camera with me. It all started with a kielbasa. I opened the fridge to find a 9" kielbasa, out of its wrapper, and lying on the dirty shelf. The only thing protecting the smoked sausage from dried katchup, 5-6 different soda spills, sweet and sour sauce, pickle relish, and various other former foods, was a 3" tall paper cup. Now before you judge me for using this very same fridge in this condition, I only use it to hold my sealed lunch cooler. As I said, the sight of the kielbasa was more than I could handle. I scrubbed that beast from top to bottom. There were sights and smells in there I shall not soon forget.

Keep the positive thoughts flowing for my brew.


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