Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day

I meant to post this yesterday, but yoga got the best of me. So, we are going to pretend that it is still February the 14th. OK. Besides, no one is up at 4:00 am to argue with me anyway.

Here is a Valentine's Day hug from me to my faithful readers.

Nora had her first Valentine's Day party at school. Many valentines were exchanged and much candy was consumed. Prior to the big day Nora and I decorated her Valentine's mail box. A shoe box with red and pink paper, and tons of hearts drawn, colored, cut out, and pasted on by Nora. It was awesome. An other first. Nora has her first boyfriend, Thomas. He gave her a hand made card, the day before. It said, "I love Nora. Happy Valentine's Day. Love Thomas". When I told her she had a boyfriend, she said "ewww, No!" Made her Daddy proud.

Big weekend up coming. I am bottling my Red ale, and possibly brewing an Irish stout.


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Adrian said...

Oooo stouts. I'm just starting to appreciate those fine things because of the folks at Rogue. I hope it turns out well.